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Mrs. Corporate America 2009-2010 and Awards: spirit award, congeniality, community service, and interview - www.mrscorporateamerica.com     
http://www.24-7pressrelease.com/press-release/sonja-fisher-crowned-mrs-corporate- america-2009-103757.php

Sample Press Releases

Mrs. Corporate America speaks to the Culver City TeamWomen Group
On May 19, 2009 Mrs. Corporate America spoke to the TeamWomen Group of Culver City.  Sonja spoke to following your dreams as well as addressing women in business and technology and how to make a lasting mark in the industry. Sonja also discussed her pageant win and how it has changed her life. She also motivated the woman to pursue the dreams they have and to make a difference in the world.  In the meeting, Sonja made additional contacts and also was presented with additional opportunities to speak locally. 

Mrs. Corporate America Goes Sky Diving
On May 23rd, 2009 Mrs. Corporate America took the plunge literally. She decided to go skydiving! Mrs. Corporate America and a few of her friends went to Baldwin, Wisconsin to Sky Dive Twin Cities to try her hand at skydiving. It was the first time that Sonja had tried skydiving and she did express not only was it a scary experience but a rush of a lifetime! She tandem jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet and freefalled for 60 seconds at 125 mph! The ripcord was pulled and then she floated for 3 minutes down to a safe landing as she observed and enjoyed the peaceful world. CBS news called Sonja Fisher to cover the big event but she missed the call due to getting ready for the jump activities. Sonja Fisher enjoyed it so much she said she would do it again. So Mrs. Corporate America does like to take risks!

Sonja Fisher Mrs. Corporate America 2009 spoke at the One Voice Conference in Sante Fe, New Mexico on December 19, 2009. Sonja spoke about her platform Women in Technology. Rosanna Pitella from One Voice has been very pleased with Sonja's recent talks and work with One Voice. Rosanna asked Sonja to be a leader in the program, write articles for the One Voice Newsletter and continue to speak at additional venues in 2010. Rosanna even asked Sonja after to got done speaking to be a facilitator for one Voice brainstorming session on Education with the attending educators at the Conference.  Sonja is excited to continue to
work with One Voice.

Pageant Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MldLAdVvqng

Other Pageant Titles
Ms. California American Spirit – Award - interview
Mrs. Minnesota 6th runnerup - Award - congeniality and community service
Princess of Blaine, Minnesota