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Software Sales Engineer
GL Advisors
Homework tutor
Speaking Engagements – http://protrain.net/fisher.htm; Toastmasters – ACB and CTM; www.womensspeakerassociation.com; www.asla.com
Published Author
How to Survive when your Ship is Sinking –  Chapter – “Creating the Life of Your Dreams”
How to Break a Glass Ceiling Without a Hammer – Chapter – “ Why Men Succeed” http://www.pwnbooks.com/order.htm -
Book Reviews by - http://www.skinnyscoop.com/list/SkinnyScoop_Staff/i-dont-know-how-she-does-it-list; Forbes Women, Pulse Magazine and Outlook Magazine
Guest Author: How running changed my life - by Sonja Fisher - http://jensbaltrusch.com/?p=3896
Advertising Sales for Footlights - Footlights Publishing inc. wwww.gofootlights.com

Advertise your business in theatre publications!  - contact me at 310-936-8816

Mary kay - www.marykay.com/sfisher1 - Shop with me
Personal Training

Author, PWN - http://www.pwnbooks.com/
Speaker - http://www.protrain.net/meetSpeakers.htm
Check out my boyfriend's, Scott Jones, new band Heliopolis -http://youtu.be/7CWMh6e6CNUI=